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In Schubert's company

Here is the latest Maxim Rysanov's project on music by Leonid Desyatnikov, Sergey Akhunov, Dobrinka Tabakova & Franz Schubert. CD "In Schubert's company" is available on ONYX Classic!

There is something great about this project. On this CD you can hear the music of three contemporary composer, somehow connected with Schubert's music. Leonid Desyatnikov "Wie der alte leiermann" was written for great violinist Gidon Kremer (on the record you will here Maxim Rysanov's transcription of this piece). Dobrinka Tabakova's piece " Fantasy homage to Schubert" is based on famous Fantasy in C for violin & piano by Franz Schubert. And finally two pieces by Sergey Akhunov "In Schubert's company" and "Der Erlkonig". These two pieces were written specially for this project.

Here is a short movie about the process of the recording of Maxim Rysanov's latest recording - In Schubert's Company.

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