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Liturgy. Ballet. Music by Sergey Akhunov. Choreography by Olga Tsvetkova. 

OpensoundOrchestra. Intrada vocal ensemble. Kannon dance theater, St. Petersburg.

Premier Dec. 13. Zaryadye hall. Moscow.

Diaghilev's failed idea to stage the ballet "Liturgy" was staged more than 100 years later.

Ballet LITURGY. Process of rehearsal. Music by Sergey Akhunov. Kannon dance. Choreography  by Olga Tsvetkova. Premier Dec. 13. 2023. Zaryadye hall. Moscow.

Recording session of the Cello concerto "Actus tragicus" 

State academic symphony orchestra Evgeny Svetlanov

Boris Andrianov - cello, Timur Zangiev - conductor

May 20, 2023 Mosfilm Studio.

Photo by A. Panov


Intrada choir, Ekaterina Antonenko conductor.

OpensoundOrchestra quartet. 

Zaryadye hall, Moscow. Febryary 18, 2023

Photo by A. Panov

ADVENT symphony

Musica Viva orchestra, Minin choir, Ex Libris choir, New Russian quartet, 

Valentin Uryupin conductor

Zaryadye hall. Moscow. November 29, 2021