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Sergey Akhunov, composer

Sergey Akhunov is an award-winning Russian composer.

A graduate of the Kiev State Conservatory, Sergey started as an oboe player before moving on to other genres, including electronic music and Rock 'n roll. He made a decisive break from this style of music in 2005 to exclusively concentrate on orchestral and chamber music.

Sergey Akhunov's music is distributed by Apartemusic, Alfa classics, Fancymusic, Onyx and Glossa.  

Since 2003 lives in Moscow. 


Akhunov: Cello Concerto 'Actus tragicus' buy/listen


ACTUS TRAGICUS. New release on Aparte music coming soon.

Inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach's cantata, composer Sergey Akhunov expresses his philosophy of death by writing his own “Actus Tragicus” in an EP available on June 28, 2024. 
In their first single “Mit Fried und Freud ich fahr dahin in Gottes Willen” — a title taken from a text by Martin Luther meaning “With peace and joy I go, according to the will of God” — Sergey Akhunov, cellist Boris Andrianov and the State Academic Symphony Orchestra 'Evgeny Svetlanov' conducted by Timur Zangiev, represent death in a bright and almost joyful way

December 17. 2023

Liturgy. Ballet. Music by Sergey Akhunov. Choreography by Olga Tsvetkova. 

OpensoundOrchestra. Intrada vocal ensemble. Kannon dance theater, St. Petersburg.

Premier Dec. 13. Zaryadye hall. Moscow.

Diaghilev's failed idea to stage the ballet "Liturgy" was staged more than 100 years later.


October 27. 2023


Sergey Akhunov's ADAGIO:PRAYER FOR PEACE is a part of great performance Song of the Dark Forest with Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and Doelen Ensemble. 

September 25. 2023

The world famous accordionist Ksenija Sidorova and Sinfonietta Riga recorded accordion Concerto "Chaconne"  by Sergey Akhunov for the future release on AlfaClassics label. 

Ksehja Sinfonietta.jpeg

May 20. 2023.

         Cellist Boris Andrianov and State Academic Symphony Orchestra  “Evgeny Svetlanov” have recorded a new cello concerto by Sergey Akhunov called “Actus Tragicus”. This music was commissioned by the  International Festival Vivacello, and is going to be a part of a new album, which includes  a cello music written by Sergey Akhunov and world famous Georgian composer Giya Kanceli, whose cello concerto was also commissioned by this festival. The premier of Akhunov's music took place at Nov. 12, 2022 in Large Hall of the  Moscow Philharmonic. 

May 15. 2023.

          Jazz : the new recording of Julia Igonina & Maxim Emelyanychev featuring music by Sergei Akhunov is currently #1 on Apple Music’s new playlist "The Works"

Discover the playlist here :

The whole album will be released on French label Aparte Music at June 30, 2023 and will include music by Sergey Akhunov, Francis Poulenc and Olivier Messiaen. listen and preorder

April 8. 2022.

       OpensoundOrchestra led by violinist Stanislav Malishev has recorded new piece of Sergey Akhunov “Adagio: prayer for peace”. This music was written on March 2022 and recorded at Apr. 8 by soloists of the orchestra in The Saint Trinity Church in Moscow.

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