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Six miniatures about the shepherd and the bull

There is a series of drawings “Ten Ox Herding Pictures” made by Tenshō Shūbun -- a Japanese painter of XV-th century, a zen monk.

Tenshō Shūbun was a zen monk, and his idea was to illustrate a Zen practice of subjugation of mind. Our mind is a bull, and a Shepherd is we ourselves.

My musical idea appeared at the very moment I saw the drawings.

The whole piece consists of 6 parts:

Part I

In Search of the Bull

Part II

Discovery of the Footprints

Part III

Catching and taming the Bull

Part IV

The Bull Transcended

Part V

Both Bull and Self Transcended

Part VI

Reaching the Source

I`m not an expert in Zen practice, but I was so fascinated, that it took me only 5 weeks to embody my idea in music. In a month my “Six miniatures about the shepherd & the bull” was introduced to the public in the Moscow club DOM.

Listen this:

Tenshō Shūbun (died c. 1444–50), a Japanese Zen Buddhist monk and painter.

Olga Ivusheikova - flute

Julia Igonina - violin

Rustam Komachkov - cello

Natalia Ardasheva - piano

Culturel centre DOM Dec. 8. 2012 Moscow

Video by Sergey Karsaev

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